Great escapes North America

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Año: 2015
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Rest on the roadtrip: The ultimate accommodation guide to North America From dazzling cities to eccentric small towns, from vast mountains to plains as far as the eye can see, Canada and the United States offer an awe-inspiring abundance of travel adventures. In this discerning hotel guide, Angelika Taschen guides you on your way, scouring the continent for the most extraordinary, elegant and inspiring places to rest your head. Coast to coast, from North to south, from a tiny island in the Florida Keys to an Italianate villa in rural Massachusetts, spanning the rustic, the boutique, the regal, the minimalist, the period-piece and the architectural gem, this is the ultimate directory in tasteful accommodation. Special highlights include raised safari tents in Californias El Capitan Canyon, a supercool hot springs resort near Los Angeles, a historic ranch nestled in a Death Valley oasis, a Frank Lloyd Wright house overlooking Mirror Lake, Wisconsin, and a 1930s hotel in Texas where James Dean once stayed.
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